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Distinguished Members of the Marketing Academy,

The 22nd Marketing Congress, one of the most important gathering and sharing venues of our group, will be held on 28-30th of September, 2017 in Trabzon hosted by Karadeniz Technical University

The Marketing Congresses, which are held over twenty years, are organized to provide international participation opportunities since 2016. With this new approach, the 22nd Marketing Congress will also be able to participate with an "extended abstract" or "full text" statement prepared in Turkish or English. The papers, sent to the congress, will be presented with offered language.

Our association is responsible for the applications and arrangements required for the future international congresses. For this purpose, the first step was taken with the 20th Congress held in 2015. In this Congress, 5 sessions of 27 were organized in English and 22 papers of 121 were presented in English. In the 21st Marketing Congress held last year 16 papers of 96 were presented in English in three sessions.

We are already excited to come together in the Black Sea Region of Turkey for the first time and we hope to implement a useful and successful congress.

Association of Marketing and Marketing Research (PPAD)

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Distinguished Academicians of Marketing,

The marketing congresses which aim to develop marketing science, encourage scientific researches, and contribute to the solidarity of instructors, educators, practitioners and efficient and effective implementation of education services, are organized in many universities. Scientific studies prepared under the important issues have contributed to marketing world by the means of social metwork environment for years.

We will take this year's step as Karadeniz Technical University for this important congress, which has been maintained for over 20 years by the Association of Marketing and Marketing Research (PPAD). At the 22nd Marketing Congress, we hope to make our best of our responsibility by drawing attention to the importance of marketing in global changes. For this purpose, we are waiting for you to "Karadeniz Technical University" on September 28-30, 2017 to share and discuss all the studies in related fields with the academia community under the main theme of "Innovation".

22nd Marketing Congress

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