III. Ph.D. Colloquium
Karadeniz Technical University, Trabzon
September 28, 2017
The 22nd National Marketing Congress, hosted by the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Karadeniz Technical University with the contributions of the Association of Marketing and Marketing Research (PPAD), will be held in Trabzon between the dates of 28-30 September 2017.
This year, together with the congress, III. Ph.D. Colloquium is going to be organized for doctorate students to exchange ideas about their doctorate studies to develop the quality of studies.

PPAD Doctoral Colloquium
The PPAD Doctoral Colloquium is a partially informally organized platform that enables doctoral students to share and discuss on their dissertational research with other doctoral students and marketing scholars, and get feedback. The PPAD Doctoral Colloquium is a collaboratively organized by the PPAD Executive Committee and the Organizing Committee of the university appointed by the PPAD to arrange the Marketing Congress. Each year the PPAD Doctoral Colloquium would be held one day before the opening of the Marketing Congress at the Congress venue or the organizing university’s facilities. The number of doctoral students to be attending the PPAD Doctoral Colloquium would be announced at the Marketing Congress’s web site under the Doctoral Colloquium section.

Objectives of the PPAD Doctoral Colloquium
The main objectives of The PPAD Doctoral Colloquium are as follows:
  • Aiming to increase the acceptance rates of papers submitted to reputable marketing journals by fostering the quality and the contribution of dissertations to international marketing literature
  • Broadening the horizons of doctoral students via sharing doctoral research and establishing an informal academic platform
  • Providing basis for collaborative studies by strengthening the communication of doctoral students with both their peers and other scholars.

Determining the Organizing Committee and Chair of the PPAD Doctoral Colloquium
The Organizing Committee of the PPAD Doctoral Colloquium consists of three scholars, including the chair. The chair of the Colloquium Organizing Committee is determined by the organizing university’s committee and then submitted to the approval of the PPAD Executive Committee.

Guidelines for Submission to the PPAD Doctoral Colloquium
Every doctoral student in marketing could apply to participate in the Doctoral Colloquium at any stage of their dissertations, such as during pre-dissertation proposal stage, refining the research design stage, or data collection/data analysis stage. The participating doctoral students only asked to pay the Marketing Congress registration fee.

Approval Criteria to the PPAD Doctoral Colloquium
The applicants submit their structured abstract prepared according to the attached format. The structured abstract would include information varying due to the stage of the dissertation. The structured abstract should consist of approximately 5-10 pages, 1,5 line spaced and times New Roman 12 font. The structured abstract should cover specific statements instead of general ones and contain information that the reviewers could evaluate and provide feedback.

Execution of the PPAD Doctoral Colloquium
The colloquium is held in parallel sessions. The applicants should stay till end of session since similar dissertations (according to topic and/or methodology) would be evaluated in each session. Each session would be held as closed sessions, only applicants, their advisors and attending scholars would be allowed to participate in the session. Parallel sessions would assumed to last for 2,5-3 hours and each applicant would have 45-60 minutes for his/her presentation.